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Volunteers are vital members of the New Vic Team who share a love of theatre and give freely of their time to contribute in many ways. 

Our ‘Vols’ enjoy a sense of being a part of an organisation with deep roots in the local community and with a national reputation for high standards of quality and innovation. 

They also have the opportunity to meet and socialise with like-minded people and see all of our productions.


What do New Vic Vols do?

New Vic Vols work as part of the Front of House Department providing support and assistance for our performances. 

Vols have real responsibilties. They are the face of the New Vic and we rely on them to offer outstanding customer care to our audiences. It is important that all of our Vols have the aptitude, personality and confidence to provide this. 


How much time is required?

Many of our Vols prefer to attend on a particular night each week; others come on whichever night most suits them. Both are fine, though we do request that Volunteers attend at least once every two weeks. There will be times when people are ill, on holiday or have reasonable circumstances which prevent them from attending. These are unavoidable and entirely accepted as reasons for non-attendance.

Appearance is important to the impression that we portray to our audience members. All Vols are expected to wear smart black clothing - this isn’t supplied by the theatre. 

Please note that we can only offer Voluntary work on our shows. Outside of performance times there are no voluntary positions available.


For more information on becoming a New Vic Vol, contact our Front of House Manager:

David Sunnuck

Tel: 01782 381356

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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